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  " don't think about smart & fancy, think about effective! "


" a smart and flashy website means nothing if you do not get visitors "


" monitoring and tracking your visitors is a very important part of a successful website "


" make sure you are always displayed on the 1st page of Google with Google Adwords "


E-Commerce - Sell your products online

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We develop profitable online businesses!


February 2011 Special


Once-off setup fee of only R9500

Hosting @ R149 a month


Selling your products online is very Easy.


Contact us for all your questions regarding selling products online.

We are here to help you!


OK, so you want to sell your products online and you are window shopping for a service provider that will do the setup and design for you.


Let us explain the process & costs to becoming eCommerce enabled:


There are 2 parties that will be involved:


1. The Designer of your eCommerce Site


2. The Company that will process your payments


With some Payment Gateways you are required to have a merchant account with your bank. Not only do these Payment Gateways charge you a monthly fee, but even the bank charges you a % on the value of your transactions, which is usually around 5%. Applying for a merchant account can take up to 6 weeks.


With other payment gateways, you don't require a merchant account from your bank and you don't pay a monthly fee, they just charge you a % on your transaction value.


We suggest Paypal, which has now become available to South Africans to accept payments, through a partnership with FNB. You only require a FNB bank account with online banking and a Paypal account and away we go!


Paypal is the most credible payment processor internationally and soon every SA user will have a Paypal account.

Contact us and we will explain everything about your payment gateway options.



Create a Shopping Cart

We provide everything you need to be successful.

  • We make use of Virtuemart to design your shopping cart

  • A professional, search-engine-friendly storefront design

  • A reliable and secure shopping cart

  • The ability to accept credit card payments in real time


We ask an affordable once-off setup fee of only R9500 incl. VAT

Hosting @ R149 a month



We do NOT charge any additional MONTHLY FEES

for your e-commerce website


Very important!!! Please make sure that when you request a quote from any other service provider, that the above costs are discussed. We so often find that other service providers do not mention all costs involved of setting up your e-commerce site and you are left with a hefty list of hidden fees.


Also very, very important!!! Make sure that you make use of a Web company that understands online marketing. As 1 of only 6 Google Adwords Qualified Individuals in South Africa, we understand how to setup a profitable online business.



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